Jaime Davidson is currently serving three consecutive life sentences for a conviction for the death of a police officer in a drug deal gone wrong in Syracuse, New York in 1992.

Jaime and I spoke for several hours by phone--each conversation broken into 15-minute calls with half-hour breaks in between, as required by the federal penitentiary phone restrictions. We spoke some about his case but mostly about how he got started in activist work from "behind the wall" as he puts it. Below is a fuller interview of my conversation with Jaime, where he describes his first entree into prison activist campaigns:

Those interested in learning more about Jaime Davidson's case and conviction may wish to consult the following:

  • A 2011 interview with Jaime Davidson's defense attorney can be seen as part of this Whatz Up TV profile. In the video, attorney Bettina Schein, who is working on Mr. Davidson's case pro bono, explains how the witnesses who originally testified against Jaime Davidson have since recanted their testimony.
  • Jaime has summarized his activist work from behind bars on this site.

While I am in no position to evaluate Mr. Davidson’s guilt or innocence, what I can say is that through all of my interactions with him he has been courteous, respectful, and generous. He willingly answered numerous questions and candidly shared with me about his experiences both organizing behind prison walls—to raise money for disaster relief or to respond to tragic news events—and his continuous and committed work as a GED educator at FCI Allenwood.

To the best I can discern, Mr. Davidson is serving his sentence with a greater purpose; he strives to contribute constructively to his community of fellow inmates but also to the greater community outside of those walls through the limited means he has. I am inspired by his creativity and commitment to making a difference and his passion for improving the quality of life of others around him through their education and betterment.