New Position as Director of the Library Lab and Special Projects

I’m thrilled to share my new appointment at NYU Libraries as director of the Library Lab and Special Projects, effective September 1, 2019. The Library Lab will be a curated series of pop-up spaces, events, workshops, trainings, projects, and initiatives aimed at preparing libraries and library staff for future unknowns. Part test-kitchen, part R&D lab, this is an experimental “skunkworks”-style operation whose design is to infuse our library culture with more creativity, innovation, and agility. The Lab will also contribute to greater initiatives in the larger library landscape that help spring the profession forward, bringing visibility and prominence to NYU Libraries as a future-forward model library.

I’m so grateful to Dean Austin Booth for this opportunity to build something new both for NYU and the entire library landscape!

SAA 2019: Librarians Develop Tragedy Response Resources

This August, I’m attending the Society of American Archivists gathering to contribute to the Tragedy Response Initiative Task Force that is creating and or compiling material for ready accessibility by archivists who are facing a sudden tragedy.

I wrote about the lack of such materials in an essay earlier this year for Collaborative Librarianship, so I’m excited to contribute this hard and important work to make those resources available.