QUICK FEET, SOFT HANDS - Narrative TV Production - 26 min - 2008

Role: Producer

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Broadcast on over 80 PBS and PBS World affiliates, including multiple airings in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, and Dallas.

Winner, Jury Prize – Best Narrative Film, University Film & Video Association

Written and Directed by Paul Harrill

Co-produced by Lovell Films and ITVS

Set against the backdrop of our national pastime, Quick Feet, Soft Hands follows a couple pursuing the American Dream.

Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha, Greenberg) stars as Lisa, a young woman whose hopes of moving up are tied to Jim, a minor league baseball player. As Jim falls deeper into a batting slump, the couple must cope with the day-to-day realities of being young and poor. And they must confront the prospect that they may never make it to the big leagues.


Selected Screenings: 

Nashville Film Festival.  Nashville, Tennessee. April 2008. 

Maryland Film Festival.  Baltimore, Maryland. May 2008. 

IndieMemphis Film Festival. Memphis, Tennessee. October 2008.

Dallas Video Festival. Dallas, Texas. November 2008.

Roanoke Arts Festival. Roanoke, Virginia. November 2008.

College of William & Mary. Williamsburg, Virginia. November 2008.

Lone Star International Film Festival. Fort Worth, Texas. November 2008.

Anchorage International Film Festival. Anchorage, Alaska. December 2008.

Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers. March 2011.