Resources for Creatives

I've been teaching, learning, and practicing a creative life for more than fifteen years. These resource pages are a way of sharing the wonderful books, apps, and tools I've come across over the years with those attending my workshops (and those who can only peek from afar).

If you like what you see here, please give credit and link back to my page. Or, better, yet, get in touch to schedule your own individual consult or workshop!

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Resources for A Creative Life

Are you stuck? In a creative rut? Looking for inspiration or just better habits? This is my curated list of go-to resources for what you need right now.

Want a personalized list? Hire me for an hour of "bibliotherapy" and I'll make one for you and your issues.

Podcasting 101 - A Crash Course

So you wanna make a podcast? Here's a listography of the best tools, apps, kits, and resources for your journey.

Need a guide? Attend one of my workshops at the Made in NY Media Center or hire me for a one-on-one consultation to hone your ideas and game plan!

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Microbudget Film Producing

I've produced two microbudget feature length films and dozens of shorts on a shoestring.

You can check out some of my recommended resources here or, better yet, sign up for a workshop at Made in NY Media Center.

Resources for Librarians, Archivists, & Historians of all kinds

Here is a hodge-podge of resources related to the various work and research I've done in my role as a librarian, archivist, and historian of libraries and archives.

Family photo of farm worker

Resources for Amateur Archivists - Preserving Family Memories

Culled from many workshops I’ve taught celebrating the importance of family collections of photos, videos, papers, and films, this page includes some of my favorite supplies and a tipsheet handout to help those just getting started with their own family archive.

Resources for Archiving the Aftermath

Few librarians or archivists anticipate becoming the curator or collector of a grief or trauma archive. Should you find yourself in this unfortunate position, there are resources from the library community to help.