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Since 2015

Role: Co-Founder & Co-Director

Geared towards librarians at academic libraries, The Collective brings together a cross-section of next-generation practitioners who wish to learn, create, and collaborate to keep our profession vibrant. We are an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit with an all-volunteer staff.

Born out of frustration by the high cost and the lack of tangible skills and takeaways at many traditional conferences, we created a professional development experience that is affordable, useful, and fantastically fun. Each year, we host around 300 librarians from North America and the globe. In 2018, participants hailed from 40 states, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Africa, representing more than 160 organizations.

Drawing upon “un-conference” precedents such as The Conversation and THATCamp, The Collective limits event overlap and emphasizes networking, conversation, hands-on activities, and collaboration. 

We believe our ideas and model can be adapted throughout the profession so that professional development moves away from tired, expensive models into new modes of scholarly communication and learning. That’s why we have documented and shared our conference creation ideas in an open access article available here:

Maynor, Ashley R., and Corey S. Halaychik. “The Collective Approach: Reinventing Affordable, Useful, and Fun Professional Development." In the Library with the Lead Pipe (2016): n. pag. 23 Sept. 2016. <>



2018 Association of College & Research Libraries University Library Section Award for Outstanding Professional Development

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