FOR MEMORIES SAKE - Documentary - 29 min - 2010

Role: Writer/Director/Editor

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Winner – University Film & Video Association – Jury Prize – Best Documentary Film

Winner – Rosebud Film & Video Festival – Rosebud Award

For Memories’ Sake investigates the life and work of Angela Singer, a Southern homemaker and grandmother who has taken an average of a dozen photos a day for the last 35 years, compiling a mysterious and strange archive of over 150,000 photographs of her daily life.

In this half-hour documentary, Angela Singer’s life and hobby of photography is explored through the lens of her granddaughter, filmmaker Ashley Maynor. As the film investigates one Southern homemaker’s obsession with the photographic image, it asks questions about photography as a form of memory and captures a cross-generational portrait of two Southern women whose lives as image-makers have taken very different paths.

While the film largely tells the story of one homemaker and photographer, Angela’s images speak, however incompletely, for the countless other women of her generation whose lives of pain, happiness, and searching in the rural South have rarely been documented.

The full film is available for viewing online via The Bitter Southerner, alongside a 2018 interview about the making of the film and new photographs by Angela Singer.


Selected Screenings: 

Nashville Film Festival. Nashville, Tennessee. April 2010. 

Maryland Film Festival. Baltimore, Maryland. May 2010. 

Indianapolis International Film Festival. Indianapolis, Indiana. July 2010. 

Saving Private Reels. Cork, Ireland. September 2010. 

Library of Congress Audiovisual Conservation Center. Culpeper, VA. September 2010. 

Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers. March 2011.