Resources for Podcasting 101 - A Crash Course

Here's my list of suggested further reading, recommended equipment, resources, and communities culled from many such lists that preceded it (including work by Jenna Weiss-Berman, Alex Kapleman, Kaitlin Prest, Helen Zaltzman, and others I may have inadvertently omitted) and my own brain.  I hope these might be of help to you as you develop your ideas and projects. Happy podcasting!




Amazing all-around resources with articles on many topics: Podcasting Training & Tutorials requires a subscription but you might be eligible for a free one using your library card, university login, etc.

For technical advice, check out Jeff Towne’s articles on Transom or Rob Byers’ column in AIR.

NPR’s Producer’s Handbook to Mixing Audio Stories is a short but incredibly informative primer on how to edit and mix an audio story!

Concerned about the legal aspects? Check out this (Sept. 2017) interview with entertainment lawyer Gordon Firemark: "Podcasting Law: Stay Legal & Protect Your Brand".

Can't record an interview in person? Check out Katie Mingle’s guide to tape syncs. Try to pay the standard rate of $125 + travel. Roll Call Audio is a completely free🎉 voice chat service with podcast quality recording. Or explore using Skype or these handy iPhone tape sync instructions on a smartphone if you have no other option.


In-Person Training Programs

Transom Story Workshop (which offers scholarships)

The Center for Documentary Studies Workshops

Journalism schools with radio tracks like  NYU, Columbia, UC Berkeley, University of Missouri School of Journalism, and Medill





Bare Bones - 3 Ways

Mic - Samson Go Mic - $59 with headphones

Samson C01U Pro USB Studio Condenser Microphone - $78

Blue Yeti USB Mic - $125 - you can actually change the directionality of this mic for use for voiceover, interviews, or music recording.

Pair any of the above with the Hindenburg Field Recorder app on your iPhone ($30) for a super portable low-fi kit.


This American Life Kit

Recorder - Marantz PDM 661

Field Mic - Audio-Technica AT8035 shotgun microphone

Studio Mic -  Shure KSM-32 mics (which are the great $500 knockoffs of the gorgeous $3400 Neumann U87's you hear on the big NPR news shows)

Transom Good, Better, & Best Kits (see link for their review + more details)

Transom “Good” Kit

Recorder - Tascam DR-60DmkII

Mic - Audio-Technica AT8010


Transom “Better” Kit

Recorder - Zoom H5

Mic - Beyerdynamic M58 and Rode NTG2

Transom “Best” Kit

Recorder - Sound Devices MixPre3 (or MixPre6)

Mic - Sennheiser K6/ME66 and Shure VP88



Open-Ear - Sennheiser PX 100-II

Closed-Ear - Sony MDR7506

In-Ear - Etymotic Research HF5


Free Interview App, with Built-In Interview Planning - StoryCorps Mobile App

Intuitive Editing & Mixing Software - Hindenburg Journalist and (separate) Recording App for iPhone, Hindenburg Field Recorder

Free, Open Source Audio Editing Software - Audacity - This Transom article will walk you through what it can and can't do.

Wanna use Apple's Garageband? Then watch this course.

Transcription Software -  ExpressScribe + Infinity USB Footpedal

Automatic Transcription Service:  Check out this comparison by Pop Up Podcasting (updated Dec 2017).


Space & Studios (NYC Area)

Before paying for space, check out any resources at your school or public library, any professional organizations you might belong to, your network, etc.

Cast Sound Lab - starting at $40/hour

QED Studios - starting at $30/hour

Radio Free Brooklyn - starting at $50/hour

Metro 599 - $50/hour general or $20/hour members - This librarian non-profit not only has audio workstations but also digitization, A/V transfer, media migration and recovery, and graphic output/printing! Membership also includes subscription.


Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 4.05.19 PM.png



For general discussions, tips, and excellent tools reviews - Transom is a showcase and workshop for new public radio.

Public Radio Exchange (PRX) is an online marketplace for distribution, review, and licensing of public radio programming. PRX is also a growing social network and community of listeners, producers, and stations collaborating to reshape public radio.

For community and awesome peer-to-peer support - Association for Independents in Radio

Podcaster’s Support Group, founded by Helen Zaltzman -

And for avid listeners, the New York Times has a podcasting listener's club (think: book club) with over 24,000 members:

For those in the NYC area, the NYC Podcasting Meet-Up has over 500 members and hosts regular events.


Rates, Contracts, & Legal

Air Media’s Indie Toolkit has a wealth of information on fair pay, sample contracts, and legal information.


Monetization - Crowd-Funding/Subscriptions

Drip - From Kickstarter (Invite-Only right now but watch for it!)

Ko-Fi - Allows individuals to pay for a "cup of coffee" via small donations.

Patreon - Platform for regular, monthly donations for your art/work.

Radio Public's Paid Listens - Ads for smaller podcasts.


Preserve this Podcast - Preserve This Podcast! is an Andrew W. Mellon grant-funded project hosted by the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) to help podcasters protect their work against the threats of digital decay. The project includes a zine workbook and a 5-part podcast series, as well as a series of traveling workshops.

PodcastRE - PodcastRE contains links and metadata records to over 150,000 individual audio files, from over 1000 different podcast feeds. You can submit your own podcast to be included in this searchable archive!


Podcast Hosting Services

Podcast Places is a website that list the hundreds of places to host your podcast. Below are a few of the more popular ones.





The Blubrry Podcast Directory has recently been rebranded, in part, as Juice Receiver; however the directory still sits on the iPodder website


Websites/Web Hosting Resources

Domain names for just 88 cents!
  • Reclaim Hosting - use the coupon code NYUAM for 10% off. This is for folks who want are willing to DIY a bit more for a super low cost web hosting that can be used for multiple sites or URLs usinf, HTML, or anything else to build out your site.

  • SquareSpace - a pricey but super easy-to-use option with sleek templates.

  • - can be used with tons of different templates with scalable pricing; more user-friendly than self-hosted.

  • And don't forget to buy a web address! I am a fan of buying my URLs from Namecheap, who have great privacy, offer cheap WhoIs protection, and don't make misogynist ads like some of the other competitors out there.


Podcasts Networks

aCast - "curated platform for podcasts"

Buzzfeed Podcasts

Earwolf Podcast Network

Gimlet Media: shows include: Reply All, Heavyweight

MaxFun (and NYC's MaxFun community of fans)

Panoply - As of Sept 2018, “Panoply has decided to focus solely on our growing podcast hosting and ad services business, and exit the podcast content business.”

PRX's Radiotopia - "A curated network of extraordinary, cutting-edge podcasts” - shows include: The Heart, Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything

Slate Podcasts

Recommended/Popular/NYC Podcasts

99% Invisible

Moth Radio Hour

NYPL Podcast & The Librarian Is In



TED RadioHour

This American Life, related: Serial, S-Town

Twenty Thousand Hertz

WNYC Studios: RadioLab, related: Invisibilia; More Perfect, Snap Judgement, 2 Dope Queen